NMSO XIX SASS 2018 PA State Championship

The last few years we have honored cowboys, military, entertainers….those that embody the cowboy way. These individuals have also either served in the military or have given of themselves to support the military. This year we will be honoring those that are just as important but maybe walk on four legs (or fly), our service animals. We love the theme My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys and want to continue with that theme each year, after all, it is Memorial Day weekend, May 25-27 2018.

Our active duty and veteran armed forces, law enforcement and first responders reflect the true embodiment of the Cowboy Spirit. It is indeed a privilege to honor them. We know that many of our shooters are military veterans. Please check the box on your registration form so that we know how many we have in our ranks. Also if you were a dog handler, please let us know that as well. Military and law enforcement service animals are an integral part of keeping our country safe and also embody the Cowboy Spirit.

We made some changes this year, so please read your form carefully and fill it out completely. Your registration will be confirmed by E-Mail or Pony Express.

Watch this website for updated information as it becomes available. Additional information can also be found on our Facebook page El Posse Grande.

The committee is working hard to make this match one to remember. Watch this website for information on vendors that have committed to attending the match. If you are interested in vending, please contact Sgt. Hochbauer (fireonthemtn02@hotmail.com). Interested in being a vendor, sponsor or making a donation (for door prizes/raffles)? Please contact Sgt Hochbauer for that as well. For additional, vendor and sponsor information, please click on the links below.

Click Here for Vendor/Sponsor Information

Click Here for the Vendor Sponsor form

Click here for the Club Sponsorship Form

We are offering all SASS approved categories.

Two meals are included in the registration fee – the popular Friday night potluck and the Saturday dinner. The dinner will also feature a birthday party in honor of “The Duke”. All other meals can be purchased from the concession stand on-site. The banquet and pot luck will be held on-site at the main clubhouse.

The Registration form is online (below)! Feel free to print and mail to: Barb Snyder, 17030 US Route 15, Allenwood, PA 17810

Make checks payable to North Mountain Sportsmen’s Association or NMSA.

Click Here for the Registration Form

For any other questions, you can also contact our match directors, Black Hills Barb at (570)337-3974 or basnyder1@comcast.net or Happy Valley Harlot at (912)610-0002 or darcy_snyder@hotmail.com.

Hope to see ya’ll there!!!

Additional Match information:

Questions about transporting your firearms into PA? Visit these links for more information:
Guide to Interstate Transfer of Firearms
PA State Gun Laws

PARKING – Shooters are encouraged to park in the areas designated near the main clubhouse and use the shuttle service because parking at the range is limited. The cowboy clubhouse at the range will be available for overnight gun cart storage throughout the weekend.

AMMO REQUIREMENTS – You will need at least 100 rounds of pistol ammo, 100 rounds of rifle ammo and 50+ rounds for your shotgun plus ammo for the side matches.

SWITCHING CATEGORIES – The deadline to switch categories is April 30, 2018. NO EXCEPTIONS!

CANCELLATION POLICY – Cancellations received before April 1 will be issued a full refund. Cancellations received between April 1 and May 15 will receive a refund minus a $25.00 cancellation fee. No refunds will be issued after May 15th.

RO I and RO 2 COURSES – Nawlins Kid and Loco Poco Lobo will be teaching the RO I & RO II courses on Friday morning. If interested please contact him prior to the event at wb1911@rochester.rr.com. The cost is $10.00 for RO1 & $25.00 for RO 2. Pre-registration is required. Courses will NOT be offered if there is not enough interest.

ATTIRE – SASS puts a strong emphasis on costuming. Each participant is required to dress SASS appropriate attire during all events, up to and including the concluding awards presentation. Category winners not in cowboy attire will NOT be photographed.

PETS – Your leashed pets are welcome in the camping area. Please clean up after them.

CAMPING – On-site dry camping is available. In order to defray the costs incurred to the main club, we are asking for a donation of $10 per camping family. Camping with hook-ups is only available at a public campground.

LODGING – There are several hotels in the area that are also willing to give a discount for those shooters who mention they are staying for the North Mountain Shootout. We will update the list with information as we get it.

A Happy Valley Harlot Production