NMSO XVIII – 2017 SASS PA State Match

This year we will be honoring the men and women who have entertained our troops for over 75 years through the USO.  The services that this organization has provided to our military cannot be overlooked when honoring our heroes.  From Bob Hope to Gary Sinise, the USO entertainers have been by the side of our troops both here an abroad.  We have all heard the words of John Wayne, “Courage is being scared to death and saddling up anyway.”  There have been times that these entertainment icons exemplified his words.  Please join us for another My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys match.

Well, this year’s 2017 SASS PA State Championship is in the books!  A great time was had by all!  Thank you all for coming and your support for this match.  Thanks to the committee for all of their hard work as well!  C

A big congratulations to our new PA State Champions Jerseytown Kid and Alamo!  Jerseytown Kid was also our top overall shooter!

Congrats to our 8 clean shooters as well:
Black Hills Barb
Dodge Bill
Goldie Locks
Hooligan Howes
Jerseytown Kid
Rowdy Bill
Sassy Shooting Sours
The Watchman

Here are the main match scores:

2017 SASS PA State Championship Overall Scores
2017 SASS PA State Championship by Category

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