EPG Members and Friends go to World Championships!

Several members of EPG, as well as many other friends of the club, attended End of Trail, the SASS World Championships from 22-26 June 2016. Not only that, but they had a GREAT showing there. Not too bad for the over 650 shooters that particapated. I wanted to take a minute to say congratulations to our EPG members:
Doc Allan Wood who had a CLEAN match and came in 5th place Senior Gunfighter
Black Hills Barb was 4th place Classic Cowgirl
Happy Valley Harlot was 3rd place Lady Gunfighter AND got her REGULATOR BADGE!!

Also, congratulations to our EPG friends and supporters of our matches:
Dirt Rider came in 5th place Silver Senior, and 101 overall
Ralphie Parker had a clean match, was 12th in Cowboy, but was 40th overall!
Jersey Sue came in 3rd place Lady Duelist
Dutch Coroner came in 3rd place Classic Cowboy
Spinning Sally came in 2nd place Lady 49er and made the top gun shootoff!
Annabelle Bransford who had a clean match and came in 7th place Lady Senior
James Samuel Pike came in 5th place Wrangler
Shoulda Married Money who had a clean match and came in 6th place Lady B-Western
Jewels Cartwright came in 8th place Lady Wrangler

Also a shout out to Posse 33 who won the team shoot, to include Lefty Bob and Ralphie Parker!

We also had a great showing from the rest of the east coast contingent of cowboys and cowgirls that attended. Way to go: Lefty Bob, Bubba Bear, Blaze Crittendon, Dusty Drifter, Saddlebag Vic, Shoulda Married Money, Marshall TJ Buckshot (clean match), Jewels Cartwright, Rhsty Heatmore, Coldbrook Kid, and Rowdy Bill (clean match).

It was a heckuva good time! Ya’ll need to go out there sometime and check this match off of your bucket list! It was a fantastic match, fast and easy stages, with good times, good friends, lots of laughs, and we met so many new friends from all over the world!








2016 SASS PA State Championship

The 2016 SASS PA State Championship is in the books! We want to thank the committee for putting in all the hard work to make this year’s match such a success! We had hoped for a weekend of good weather (after two months of rainy, cold weather) and we got it! It was sunny and HOT but we all managed to survive and had a great time! We sincerely hope that everyone had a wonderful time and a great shoot!

Congrats to Jerseytown Kid and Bdoc on being the PA state champions!
Congrats to James Samuel Pike for being the top overall winner!

We also want to congratulate the 20 CLEAN shooters!
Annabelle Bransford
Canadian Major
Gutshot Dave (his first clean match ever!)
Hand Cannon
James Samuel Pike
Jerseytown Kid
John Barleycorn
Just Mike
Lady Smith
Lefty Bob
Letort Lawman
Peddler Jack
Rowdy Bill
Sassy Shooting Sours
Sgt Hochbauer
Travis Spencer
Ziggady Zag

The scores are posted on the scores page. Thanks to everyone who came out and supported El Posse Grande! We hope to see you all on the trail again soon!

EPG April 24, 2016 Match

It was a beautiful day on the mountain to do some shootin’! We had 33 shooters join us today which made it even better! I think some of these folks are getting ready for the PA State match coming up next month. Congrats to Jerseytown Kid on winning the match AND for shooting clean. Gutshot Dave also had a clean match! Way to go! Can’t wait to see ya’ll next month!

The 2016 shooting year has began at North Mountain!

We had a great time and a good turn out for our first match of the season. It was a little chilly, but the sun was out and there were smiles on everyone’s faces (probably because they are finally able to get out and start shooting)! We had 17 shooters come out for our first match. We had a couple of brand new shooters, and a couple of shooters that we haven’t seen in several years and it was so great to have them join us! Congrats to our shooters with clean matches: Black Hills Barb, Bull Bigguns, and Doc Wrigley! Can’t wait to see ya’ll in April!

NMSO XVI SASS PA State Championship 2015

Thank you to everyone who came to North Mountain this weekend to participate in the NMSO XVI SASS PA State Championship. Our theme this year was “My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys”. Since our match falls on Memorial Day weekend, the committee thought it would be fitting to help remember, pay tribute and say thank you to our military veterans. The committee worked very hard to get everything together, considering we were still experiencing the last hanging on of winter into April. We even had a touch of winter this weekend. Other than the chilly mornings, it was a beautiful weekend for shooting! It was so nice to see old friends and new faces! I hope that everyone had a wonderful time!

Congratulations to our 2015 SASS PA State champions Jerseytown Kid and Bdoc!

Congratulations to James Samuel Pike for being the top overall winner this year!

We also had 12 clean matches. Congratulations to:
Hand Cannon
James Harvey
John Barleycorn
Johnny Swan
Kicking Cow Cassidy
Lefty Bob
Marshal Hughes
Ralphie Parker
Ranger Smith
Vaquero Dan

Thank you to the committee who worked so hard to put this match on! Thank you to all of the cowboys and cowgirls who came out to participate in the match!

Scores by Category

Main Match Scores






EPG April Monthly Match

It was a great day for a shoot! We had 35 shooters and 9 of them had clean matches. Congrats to: Bull Bigguns, Critter T Longshot, Doc Wrigley, Happy Valley Harlot, Marshal TJ Buckshot, Quick Whit Bigguns, Ruby Rose Longshot, Rushtown Kid, and Yankee Dog! Also, Congratulations to Beaver Run Kid for being the match winner this month!

There were shooters new to CAS, some new to our range, and one that just hadn’t been around in a spell (Uncle Sam had something to do with that). Everyone had a great time!

Next month is the PA state match. We’re looking forward to seeing everyone there!

EPG Match Scores 04262015

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Finally….the first match of the 2015 season!!!

Thanks to all that came to our match today. It sure felt good to get those cobwebs off! If you didn’t come because of the cold temps this morning, you sure had good reason. It hadn’t reached 20 yet when we left the house. However, the sun came out nice and bright and worked hard to melt the remaining snow (it’s gonna take several more bright sunny days in a few areas). But, we sure felt the warmth of the sun and the afternoon was splendid.

We had 20 shooters and a fabulous time. We were pleased to have a few shooters that we hadn’t seen in a spell join us, as well as Jesamy Kid & Dancin Angel who came all the way from New Jersey to shoot with us. There were even a couple of spectators there that we know we’ll see joining the posse very soon. Chama Chuck stopped by to say hello and tell us of his plans to move to N Carolina. Our loss is NC’s gain. All in all a WONDERFUL day.

Congrats to Jesamy Kid to winning the match!!! We also had 3 clean shooters – Peewee Bigguns (that’s the youngest of the Bigguns brothers), Happy Valley Harlot, and Rushtown Kid. Nice shooting!

Hope to see you at the next match, Sunday 26 April 2015.

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March Match Postponed until 3/29

I know we are all really excited about getting the shooting season started! Mother Nature decided not to cooperate with us this week. There is still about 6 inches of snow on the range, with more snow coming Friday. And the temps are going to be a little low. So we are going to postpone the match until next Sunday, 3/29. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to anyone on our contacts page or visit our Facebook page.

A work day and posse meeting will be held on the Saturday preceding the match. We sure could use all the help we can get. We will work from 9:00 am until noon getting the range ready. We’ll break for lunch at noon, and a hot lunch will be provided.

This match will be the last match prior to the deadline to get registered for the state match. If you have not registered, either mail your registration or bring it to the match.

We hope to see you all there. I know we are all a little excited to get this season underway and it’s hard to be patient. But please, sit back, relax, and continue to check back here and on our Facebook page for updates and the final call for our first shoot of the 2015 season!

cowboys relaxing

EPG Participates in Cabin Fever Expo

On February 21st and 22nd, 8 posse members braved the freezing weather and volunteered to work at the El Posse Grande booth during the Valley Outdoors Cabin Fever Expo in Mifflinburg, PA. In addition to J.T. Buckshot, Applejack Kid, and Black Hills Barb, which are pictured above, Doc Allenwood, Jerseytown Kid, Jerseytown Mom, Gutshot Dave, and Doc Wrigley all helped setup and run the booth. We handed out many informational flyers, and had pictures, trophies, and even a few of our cowboy guns on display. It was a pleasure telling the people that attended the expo about the many joys of Cowboy Action Shooting. Several people may even become El Posse Grande members in the near future. Whether at our monthly matches or sitting around the camp fire with us, I hope to see many new shooters this year.

EPG Hosts Last Match of the 2014 Season!

We had a nice day for the last match of the season, it was a little chilly but overall it was a good day for shooting. Since it was the weekend before Halloween, we made our stages silly with a bit of a Halloween theme. We had a lot of laughs and there was never a dull moment. It was really great to have a few shooters that we had not seen in quite a while come to join us for the day. We also had one shooter that had never been to our range. Scores for the match can be found on the scores link on the main page.

Congratulations to Lost Rider, the overall match winner.

Also a congratulations to Geriatric Kid, Bull Bigguns, and Dodge Bill on their clean matches!

Thanks to all that had a hand in making our 2014 season so much fun!

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